FOX Brasil: See in details our complete air freight solutions

FOX Brasil Freight Forwarder

At FOX Brasil, we go beyond the functions of a conventional freight forwarder, offering complete, unabridged solutions to attend each one of our partners’ logistics needs. As part of our full range of services, we have all the know-how necessary to take care of your air freight demands in Brazil. 

With a dedicated team, global partners, and an infrastructure that enables us to represent your cargo in the main airports of Brazil, FOX Brasil is the ideal partner to receive and transport your customers’ goods by air or any other modal. As our partner, you will have access to feasible and accurate offers and flexible solutions, which are tailored to attend the most specific needs. 

Our Air Freight department operates in all the following areas:

  • Charter
  • Internal Transport
  • Dangerous Cargo
  • Live Animals
  • Non-durable Goods
  • Skiffs
  • Fairs and Exhibitions


Why choosing FOX Brasil as your air freight partner?


Although there are many other freight forwarders offering air freight services in the Brazilian market, no other company is as skillful as FOX Brasil is. With over 15 years of experience working in the logistics segment, our team is ready to conduct the most challenging operations, connecting Brazil to the rest of the world. Besides, we also offer a remarkable infrastructure, having our headquarters located near GRU, Brazil’s largest and most influential international airport, as well as a strong presence in all the other main air facilities in the country. 

By working with FOX Brasil, you will have access to:


Flexible solutions


With first-class customer service, our goal is to develop a personalized solution that will overcome our partners’ best expectations. For that, we will work closely with you and come up with the best strategy to perform your operation under your time and budget restraints, making sure it all happens safely and hassle-free.


Competitive prices


Having established long-term contracts with the most reliable carriers and airlines, we are able to offer the best air freight fares. Therefore, you will have access to a high-quality service at the most competitive prices in the market.


Experienced team


FOX Brasil’s team has over 15 years of experience in the development of air freight solutions. We have specialized knowledge in the Brazilian customs’ processes and regulations, providing you with accurate services performed by professionals with deep local expertise.


Global connections


We are members of WCA, the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 5304 member offices in 190 countries around the globe. This enables us to represent your cargo in all the main airports worldwide.

Whether you need a domestic or international air transportation partner, FOX Brasil is ready to ensure that your freight is performed in the safest and most agile way! After all, we shape our services according to your specific needs, providing total flexibility and keeping you monitored the entire time! 
In case you want to know more about our service, talk to one of our specialists! We will be delighted to present a complete air freight solution for your company.

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