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FOX Brasil Tips for Freight Forwarders

Finding reliable logistics partners to work with is one of the main challenges a freight forwarder face in the current days. However, establishing these collaborations is a must for any businesses looking for a way to expand their services’ reach and attract more customers through competitive prices and cost-effective solutions.

Counting on reliable partnerships can also aggregate value to your business through ensuring that your shipments meet their deadlines and quality standards, regardless of their international origin/destination. In other words, the quality of your services as an independent freight forwarder doesn’t rely solely on you, but on all the connections you have. Therefore,  you can’t miss the chance of developing as many strategic partnerships in logistics as you can!

Not sure how to do this the right way? Keep reading this post for some exclusive strategies, which will assist you in order to find strong and trustworthy reliable logistics partners around the world.


The keys to finding reliable freight forwarder partners


  • Logistics networks can be a great searching strategy

Logistics networks are a great tool to find reliable logistics partners anywhere in the world. By taking part of groups such as WCA, for example, you will have access to independent freight forwarders from over 190 countries. Therefore, through these groups, you won’t need to conduct your own research for partners, which greatly facilitates this process for you.


  • Tradition and experience matter more than you think

Analyzing your possible partner’s experience and tradition in the market is a must. Only by working with partners that have strong expertise in developing logistics operations, such as FOX Brasil, will give you the assurance of a good performance in the market. For this reason, before closing a deal, make sure to learn more about your partner’s background, previous customers, and operations.


  • Pricing is important, but not everything

Although freight forwarders are easily attracted by good pricing, it is important to remember that low fees are not the one and only thing to consider when choosing a partner to work with. Of course, fair and competitive prices are a big differential, but you should also consider things such as how good the forwarder’s portfolio of operations is and their reputation in the market.


  • It is nice knowing your partner’s on solid grounds

No one wishes to find out that a partner is financially unreliable after having closed a deal with them. This could put your company’s reputation at stake and even cause you financial damage. In order to avoid this, don’t forget to do an in-depth analysis of your potential partner’s financial background before closing a partnership with them. Make sure they aren’t listed in any Forwarder’s Debt list and that no other freight forwarder you know has made a formal complaint about them.


  • Feedbacks have a powerful meaning

Get to know what the experience of someone who has previously worked with the freight forwarding company you want to develop a partnership with was like. Feedbacks are one of the most intelligent ways of seeing how reliable a company has been with other agents and have a slight idea of how your contact will be with them.

Therefore, before closing a partnership, search for opinions about the company in question. This can be done by online research (through search engines and logistics networks), as well as talking to agents you trust to get references to a specific person or business in the country you wish to conduct business in.


By following this advice, you will certainly connect with the best partners anywhere you need!

In case you are looking for a reliable freight forwarder in Brazil, get to know our company. FOX Brasil is based in São Paulo, the largest city of the Americas, and made up by a team of experienced logistics professionals. Through our expertise in logistics and global trade with a special focus on the Brazilian market, we will provide you with the most cost-effective services. 

No matter what your demand is, we will develop the right solution to attend it! 



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