How to increase business opportunities in logistics events?

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Networking is unquestionably one of the most important practices to increase business opportunities in logistics. Its relevance in this segment is mainly due to the constant need that freight forwarders have to develop partnerships that can represent their customers’ cargo overseas.

Only by establishing long-lasting worldwide connections a forwarder will be able to perform successfully in the international market, providing their customers with a global reach of services. And although all professionals in this field recognize the power of networking, many are often unsure about how to work on their networking skills.

Logistics events such as fairs, conferences and annual meetings are the most ideal atmosphere to practice your networking abilities. These occasions gather several freight forwarders from all over the world, and what’s even better: all of them share the purpose of increasing their business’ reach through the development of strategic partnerships.

And aiming to prepare you to make the most of your attendance at the next logistics event on your agenda, we have listed some tips to help you network and increase business opportunities in logistics during these occasions. Check it out!


Tips to increase your business opportunities in logistics events


  • Define your networking goals beforehand


The first thing to do to ensure successful networking at logistics events is knowing what your business’ main goals are. Let’s give an example: you are a European freight forwarder with several customers sending cargo to Latin America, where you still don’t have many connections. In this case, your networking goal would be to establish strategic partnerships with forwarders from that region, in order to provide your customers with reliable services once the exported cargo reaches Latin ground.

Defining your business’ goals will give you a clear idea of which networking path you should follow to achieve the performance you expect in the market.


  • Choose the right events to attend


After having defined what your company’s main goals are, it is time to think about the most ideal events to attend for these specific purposes. There are countless options for logistics events available for freight forwarders every year. Some examples are logistics fairs, such as Intermodal South America or China Shenzen International Logistics, annual meetings of logistics networks such as WCA, and events with a special focus in your area of expertise: project cargo, perishables etc.


  • Prepare yourself ahead of time


Make sure that you are fully prepared for networking before even getting at the event. To do so, figure out what kind of message you want to pass to the freight forwarders you encounter, and rehearse a speech that includes this message in a clear and concise way.  On top of that, it is also important to make some research and find out what companies will also be attending the event and what their main expertise is, so you can know what is the best way to approach each attendee.


  • Take some institutional material to support your speech


Besides having a good speech, it is also important to take some corporate materials to support it. Business cards, brochures, and institutional presentations are great ways to promote your company to anyone you talk with during the event. These materials will make your brand be memorable for the attendees’ after the event is over!


  • Conduct effective follow-up


Many people think that, once an event is finished, so will be their networking efforts. However, the most important part of networking is actually post-event. This is when you will have the chance to strengthen the connections you made and form strong and long-lasting partnerships that will help you reach your long-term goals in the logistics market.


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