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Managing logistics processes is a vital part of every business’ routine.  And in order to be successful, a company’s logistics planning should be as organized and aligned as possible. After all, the attention given to each step of your logistics plan will define how smoothly it runs and, therefore, how effective the services/products being delivered to your final customers are.

Said another way, it is not enough to offer high-quality products or services if they don’t get delivered efficiently. It’s a fact: your company’s logistics processes play a big role in assuring customer satisfaction. And since pleasing each customer is ultimately what will build their loyalty towards your brand, you don’t want to take any risks.

To make your supply chain as consistent as possible, here are some useful logistics planning tips. Check it out!


Useful logistics planning tips


1. Count on qualified team


To kick off your logistics planning on the right path, you must have the assistance of the most adequate professionals. In case your company has an internal logistics department, look for a manager with strong leading skills to be ahead of the team and make sure all processes will run smoothly and accordingly to the plan.

Smaller sized companies that can’t afford an internal logistics department can outsource it by counting on the support of an integrated logistics partner. Remember: the quality of the professionals involved in your logistics operations is a key factor to how successful they will be!


2. Make a solid plan


Through the support of a team of professionals with the necessary expertise and skills, it is time to draw a course of action that will guide your company’s processes. After all, there is no logistics effectiveness without a proper plan.

To build a solid logistics plan, make sure you understand each stage of the operations taking place in your company, from the very beginning of a product’s manufacturing until it reaches the final customer. This global perspective will allow you to develop a plan that covers all the phases of your company’s processes in one big integrated logistics planning.


3. Have a backup plan


Handling logistics processes means constantly dealing with unforeseen circumstances that could affect your deliveries and results. This is why your logistics department should be prepared to do more than simply following a plan, they should know what to do in a scenario of contingency or instability.

The best way to prepare for this is having a backup plan for possible eventualities. But since not every scenario can be predicted, counting on a good manager makes all the difference here. Even without a pre-defined course of action, they will have the knowledge to quickly assemble the best way to handle certain situations without affecting your company’s productivity, profit, and deliveries.


4. Invest in system automation


The technology currently plays an important role in guaranteeing the effectiveness of processes in every field, and in logistics, it’s no different. There are several ways to automate your company’s logistics processes and having fewer chances of facing operational issues along the way.

It is all about knowing which systems are most suitable for your company and investing in them. Some examples are softwares that allow you to manage inventories, track cargoes, monitor deliveries and refine your processes.


5. Always measure and optimize results


Finally, the last tip: more than drawing an effective logistics plan, it is important to always measure the results obtained by it and use this data to keep optimizing your processes. In such a competitive marketplace, companies are constantly evolving, and so should your logistics planning. As a matter of fact, a plan that works fine now will likely be outdated in a short period of time.

So, change your mindset from ‘sticking to the initial plan’ to always innovating and adapting your processes to the current scenario and challenges presented by the market. Learn from your mistakes and keep improving your results day by day!


Keep posted to FOX Brasil’s blog for more interesting logistics tips! We are a freight forwarder & project cargo specialist with expertise in handling export/import operations that connect Brazil to the rest of the world.




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