The key competencies for logistics professionals

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The freight forwarding company in charge of a specific logistics operation plays an essential role in guaranteeing its effectiveness. For this reason, it is really important to choose well the partner you will be working with. And more than that is also fundamental to work on your own key competencies for logistics in order to be chosen over your competitors as the ideal partner.

Do you know what are the key competencies for logistics professionals to grow their business? Below, we have listed the main characteristics that are valued by the market and that will ensure you have a successful performance in the logistics segment. Check it out!


Key competencies for logistics professionals


1) Proactivity


Logistics processes have a direct impact on the overall results of a company. Therefore, proactivity is one of the key competencies for logistics professionals. You should be able to anticipate problems and prevent them from happening with strategic solutions and innovations.

It is also important to understand the routine of other areas in your company and how they interfere in its logistics operations. Being able to align the entire supply chain and make sure all parts involved in it are on the same page is a must.


2) Knowledge to handle all documents properly


Due to the nature of work involved in logistics services, having strong numerical and analytical skills is one of the key competencies for professionals in this area. A freight forwarder, for instance, will need to handle several documents, some of them very difficult to interpret. Only by having specific expertise and precise attention to details a freight forwarder will be able to take care of all the documentation involved in a logistics operation.


3) Strategic and forward thinking


In order to succeed, a logistics professional must have strategic and forward thinking. That is, being able to have a broad view of the processes involved in a particular operation, and thinking about viable strategies that could be applied for optimization and cost reduction purposes. All of that while keeping the stipulated goals and deadlines in mind.


4) Adaptability to diverse situations


In the logistics segment, your routine is never predictable or the same. Logistics professionals face complex and challenging situations almost on a daily basis, and having to deal with unforeseen circumstances during an operation is not rare. So, in order to act right in the occurrence of these, it is extremely important that the forwarder has good adaptability skills and knows what the best approach is in each scenario.


5) Logical decision-making


Every logistics professional knows how, in this market, time is really precious. Sometimes, you will see yourself in a situation that requires an important decision to be made in a short time in order not to compromise the development of an operation. For this reason, one of the most important skills in logistics is being prepared to make reasonable decisions in the shortest time possible.


6) Teamwork competence


Being a good logistics professional also has to do with acknowledging that the success of every aspect of the supply chain is a group effort. This means that more than leadership skills, you need to recognize the importance of the role of each professional involved in a logistics operation and have the ability to work in teams and designate tasks to the right people when necessary.


7) Networking abilities

Working as a logistics professional requires dealing with people in several different positions and from all over the world. In other words, you will be dealing with suppliers, overseas partners, general workers, customers, and many other different people. And to ensure the success of your performance as a professional in this segment, it is crucial that you are able to make good connections and keep a steady relationship with everyone you will be interacting with along the way.


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