Sea Freight: Why FOX Brasil has the complete solution that you need

FOX Brasil Freight Forwarder

Sea freight import and export operations are anything but simple. However, with FOX Brasil’s support, even the most complicated logistics demands will seem easy. We count on a team of experienced professionals that are ready to handle all kinds of processes with priority and operational efficiency. And what’s better: we offer complete solutions, so you don’t have to worry about anything on our side!

By partnering up with FOX Brasil and trusting our sea freight services, you will have a full logistics provider in Brazil. You can count on us to complement your export operations by managing, receiving, clearing and delivering your cargo to its final destination in Brazil or to run your import operations by collecting the cargo at a Brazilian supplier and taking care of everything until it’s safely loaded on the vessel.

On a previous post, we have already talked about what kind of sea freight services we offer, click here to check it out! Today, we will explain in further detail why FOX Brasil can provide you with the most complete solution to make your imports and exports to Brazil feasible and more competitive.


What do FOX Brasil’s complete sea freight solutions consist of?

  • Planning stage


The first step of our work consists of understanding all the particularities involved in your export or import operation. At this stage, our professionals will be in close contact with you and gather all the information they need regarding your expectations. With this in mind, we will start planning the sea freight operation together with the carrier . Our professionals will use their expertise to conduct all necessary surveys and define the aspects that will shape your import/export to Brazil.


  • Shipping process


FOX Brasil relies on partnerships with the most well-know sea carriers worldwide. Whether you need to export/import from Brazil using LCL or FCL, we can guarantee the operation is carried out at the most competitive rates in the market. We will also keep you updated along every step of the way.


  • Receive/deliver your cargo at the port


Having done all the planning and arranged the shipping with the carrier, the next step will be receiving or delivering your goods to the port in Brazil. FOX Brasil’s team will be there to provide all the support and equipment needed to make the unloading/loading process fast and safe. Besides, we will also ensure that the cargo conditions are as expected and that your goods are in perfect shape.


  • Customs clearance


With strong expertise in the Brazilian Customs laws and regulations, we will provide the authorities with all the approppriate documentation and manage to make your cargo’s clearance for export/import as smoothly as possible.


  • Internal transportation/warehousing

We can also provide all the necessary support for your cargo to be picked up at the supplier/delivered at its final destination on the right time. For this, we rely on a complete fleet of trucks and state-of-the-art warehousing facilities in case storage is needed. Our job doesn’t end until we ensure the safe arrival of your goods at the aggreed location, and you can monitor the entire operation through our online tracking system.


As you can see, we are ready to provide you with full assistance for the development of your sea freight operations. However, we know each demand requires different attention, so our operations are entirely customized according to your needs.

Get a quote with us by clicking on the button below! We will be happy to develop the ideal and most cost effective solution for your inquiry!




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