Types of Land Transport

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In general, land transportation is known for offering one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to move cargo, especially over shorter distances, and it supports Intermodal transportation, which is one of the most beneficial processes in the international trading business. But what are the types of land transport?

Truck Transport

The most common way of moving shipments, truck transportation is involved in almost every exportation and importation process, since trucks are used for transporting the shipment from warehouse to port, airport, train station, or even directly into another warehouse. However, what makes this mode of transportation not as cost effective as the others are the unstableness of the fuel prices.

Rail Transport

It is one of the cheapest ways to transport cargo, and it is also the best choice for heavier shipments and bulk freight. It is also very dependable in terms of safety and delivery speed, since trains usually follow closed schedules and specific rail routes and are not as affected by weather conditions as the other modes of transportation.

Pipeline Transport

Used to transport liquids or gas through a system of pipes, pipeline transport has been developing its technology in some countries around the world. They offer an affordable and pretty much automated way of transporting goods as essential as petroleum and natural gas through short and long distances, capable of crossing water, hills and terrains.

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