FOX Brasil Project Logistics participates in the building of a grand project in sustainability and local development

Project Logistics

Explore the dynamic collaboration between FOX Brasil Project Logistics and Suzano’s Cerrado Project – a groundbreaking venture in the Pulp and Paper manufacturing world.

The Cerrado Project in Numbers

Suzano’s Cerrado Project stands as the world’s largest Pulp and Paper manufacturing unit currently under construction. With an unparalleled eco-efficiency index, it not only excels in low carbon emission rates and minimal use of fossil fuels but also leaves a lasting impact on the local community by fostering development and creating job opportunities.

FOX Brasil’s mission

FOX Brasil’s Project Logistics Team was tasked with moving manipulators from the Port of Santos to the construction site in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Over 1100 kilometers by land freight, carrying an astounding 1192,298 tons of machinery, distributed across 157 pieces in 68 land shipments.

Hard to picture? Take a small peak of the Project’s extent in the pictures below:

Efficient Workflow

Detailed inspections paved the way for FOX Brasil’s team to plan meticulously, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of each component. From organizing loads to sequencing and routing, every step was crucial. Daily monitoring of the transport from port to job site ensured precision. Upon arrival, item positioning was observed, aligning unloading with machine assembly sequences.

Valuable Records for the Future

Post-operation, FOX Brasil compiled comprehensive insights into a report, offering valuable records for future logistical endeavors!

Suzano’s Cerrado Project is a beacon of innovation, and FOX Brasil Project Logistics stood as a key player in overcoming monumental challenges. This journey isn’t just physical; it’s a saga of strategic planning, meticulous execution, and the pursuit of excellence in every mile.

Stay tuned for more stories of triumph as FOX Brasil continues to redefine the limits of possibility in the logistics realm.

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