Risk Management Strategies for Freight Forwarders

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Freight forwarders are an integral part of the supply chain and global trade. Without their assistance, operation flow becomes complex and is likely to go wrong. This is perhaps the most important reason to count on the assistance of a specialized forwarder to handle your international logistics demands. They have all the expertise to guide you through each step of the way, managing risks and ensuring the safe arrival of your goods at their final destination.

However, you might be wondering, what kind of risk management strategies freight forwarders use to make operations more smooth and hassle-free? On this post, we have listed the main measures taken by professionals in this sector, and how they can contribute to streamline processes and give you some peace of mind when conducting international transactions.

Read on to find out the reason why having a forwarding partner in the country you are transporting to or from is essential to avoid facing several risks, which could potentially harm your cargo and the success of your operation.


Freight forwarding Risk Management Strategies  


  • Building personalized solutions


One of the most effective risk management strategies is to have personalized solutions built according to your cargo’s particularities and special conditions. When closing a transportation deal directly with an air or sea carrier, you won’t have this specialized treatment, meaning that your cargo will be transported according to standard procedures.

In contrast, by choosing to work in partnership with a forwarder, the operation will be entirely tailored to attend to your specific demands. Therefore, just by doing so, the risk of facing any problems throughout the operation is much lower.


  • Conducting Surveys and Inspections


Some freight forwarders offer a department exclusively dedicated to managing the engineering involved in your demand. Especially when dealing with more complex operations, such as project cargo and heavy lift, it is essential to conduct some research and planning prior to the operation.

At FOX Brasil, our professionals have extensive knowledge in the engineering of logistics processes, performing services such as route and site surveys, geometric inspections and simulations, lashing and rigging plans, and transport devices validations tests. We will enable the execution of your most challenging projects!


  • Constantly training your staff and collaborators


The logistics market is constantly evolving, and on behalf of guaranteeing the success of your activities in this sector (no matter how challenging they are), it is important to keep all the staff involved in the operation up-to-date with any new strategies and equipment that become available.

This is another plus of partnering up with a freight forwarder with local expertise in the country you wish to import or export. They will have the necessary training to make your operations in that area as efficient as they can be, avoiding any issues caused by lack of knowledge or experience.


  • Offering wide insurance coverage


Ensuring the safety of your cargo throughout its entire journey is crucial for a successful operation. Even more important is to have the peace of mind that, in case of any unforeseen events, your business will be fully protected from any harms. Having such benefits is only possible by counting on the assistance of a forwarder that offers high-quality insurance, which comprises all the risks upon which your cargo will be exposed during freight, both nationally and internationally.


FOX Brasil is a freight forwarder and project cargo specialist with strong expertise in performing import or export operations that link Brazil to the rest of the world. Our team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the development of several solutions, ranging from air, sea and road freight to heavy lift, engineering, and integrated logistics. Alongside our knowledge, we also offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, a combination that enables us to provide the safest and most cost-effective services available in the Brazilian market.

Let us be your Brazilian partner and take advantage of our first class logistics services!




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