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São Paulo, Brazil – FOX Brasil | Project Logistics, the overall performance of logistics service providers (LSPs) particularly, essentially depends on the extent of information sharing among stakeholders, mostly because information sharing can contribute to reducing the cost to the firms as well as the whole supply chain. The effective information sharing is considered an important aspect of supply chain management in addition to products and financial flow (Sahin & Robinson, 2002), or the appropriate integration of information sharing between suppliers and retailers enables effective decisions to deal with environmental uncertainty while reducing logistics costs and improving customer service levels (Kumar & Pugazhendhi, 2012).

Given the potential of information sharing to improve logistics performance, especially in developing countries such as Brazil, it is important to understand the customer needs, and explore what factors influence in a great deal planning.
This is a methodology of FOX Brasil | Project Logistics: Since the nomination, we start our working in a planning of aligning, with a perfect information flow,  providing  a transparency and efficiency experience, avoiding mistakes, with focus in play down of extra costs.
By emphasizing information sharing quality in the logistic solution, we are delivering reliable characteristics and thinking about  every detail, including the weather conditions for execution (this was the great challenge of this project).

Goldhofer loaded with the Transformer starting the road transportation at the ABB’s Plant.

The transformers were manufactured in Brazil – Guarulhos City. Inaugurated in 1954, it is the Group’s first factory in Brazil. In this location are the areas of robotics, transformers and medium voltage products, panels, power substations and other products and systems for utilities and industries.

Goldhofer loaded with the Transformer waiting at the ABB’s Plant, the Police Authority to start road transit

The loaded trailers was moved approximately one hundred and thirty miles to the Substation of the final customer, where the engineer from our team, made the inspection and prepare an action plan to receive these equipment. For the heaviest transformer, the scope included a jack and slide operation to move the old transformer from its pad at the power station and the same operation for the new transformer.
With the use of a reach forklift, FOX Brasil also loaded out and hauled the transformers accessories, lashing the entire load to the trailer.

Goldhofer trailer along with jack & slide equipment to trans-load the units.

The principle challenges in sliding the transformer were created by limited site access, and a live substation environment with energized electrical equipment in close proximity to the surrounding work area and overhead.

Also, we face the challenge of transporting all these transformers during the Holiday Season, which in Brazil, the Legislation is super strict for the transit of heavy equipment. Besides that, it was necessary to stop the operation for several times and even days due to bad weather conditions, and thus, be able to have a safe operation, and avoid extra costs to the customer.

Through an operation progress report, sent daily, all the steps were performed with excellence, and duly informed. Our team – 5 dedicated people: Service Quality and Customer Service, Engeneer, Operation and Project Manager, received in the conclusion of the project a good evaluation from ABB Ltda, considered as great performance.



  • Power Expansion Project

Cargo Details:

  • Quantity of equipment: 05 Power Transformers
  • Item:
    a) 04 x 2XBR 62070 Transformer
    b) 01 x 1ZXY032187-B2955
  • Weight: From 134 to 204 ton
  • Dimensions:
    a) 8,40 x 3,60 x 4,81 and 134 ton each one
    b) 10,80 x 4,62 x 5,10 and 204 ton each one

Scope of work:

  • Logistic Solution
  • Engineer Planning
  • Complete management of the communication flow among stakeholders
  • Heavy lift road transportation
  • Discharge on base at the plant of the final customer
  • Domestic insurance coverage
  • Positioning on foundations and assembling works


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