How FOX Brasil helped a pulp and paper mill to increase its plant self-sufficiency by 30%

Project Logistics

Fires, oil leaks, pollution and deforestation. These days our news feeds are filled with images and stories that predict a bleak future. There are indeed many obstacles to our environmental progress, but this is the time to focus on what we are for, not just what we are against. Providing complete logistics project for companies that invest in sustainable ways of production: that is what FOX Brasil is for.

In this sense, our client decided to invest in expanding and modernizing its Santa Catarina pulp and paper mill unit, in the South of Brazil. FOX Brasil Project Logistics was the responsible for the complete logistics that brought this inspiring project into reality.

FOX Brasil Project Logistics for Pulp and Paper Industry

Technologically Sustainable

Technology isn’t the first thought when we talk about sustainability. But, supported by the new technologies installed at the paper mill, the company will increase its self-sufficiency from 55% to 85%. To increase the plant efficency while keeping an environmentally friendly production, it invests in renewable raw material, like wood, for its pulp generation.

Intending to add 230,000 tons/yr of container board capacity, the modernization project included:

  • The installation of a new wooden caurdyard
  • Expansion of cellulose lines
  • New recovery force boilers
  • Expansion of paper machines, in addition to the installation of production support equipment

The Logistics Project by FOX Brasil

The project was executed in 10 shipments, scheduled based on the cargo delivery date that was required by contractor. Our scope of work included:

  • Loading of all items on shippers premises
  • Inland transportation door to port
  • Export customs and port clearance
  • Stuffing/lashing and securing of the FR’s
  • Port handling
  • Ocean freight from: Gothenburg; Montreal; Nhava Sheva; Vancouver – to: Paranaguá Port, Brazil

Cargo details:

  • 3 x 40’ OOG FR + 17 x 40’ OH OT from Pune consisting of washer drums 11.3 x 4.3 x 4.6 meter – Weight : 32 MT and the accessories crated and packed in wooden boxes with maximum height limit of 3.5 meter
  • 3 x 40’ OT OOG from Vancouver, BC
  • 2 x 40’ OT in gauge from Montreal, QC
  • 3 packages of pumps from Säffle and 1 a stand pipe from Madrid, to be loaded onto 1x 40’OT IG in Gothenburg

As expected for a project with this dimension – specially during the COVID-19 outbreak – we had some challenges to face! There was a difference between the dimensions and weight presented at the moment we received the final details and the ones inspected at the suppliers premises.

Finding and securing special equipment, as well as space, honoring the terms in our contract was challenging. But, even in a pandemic situation (particularly during the lock-down), all parties were commited to the ongoing contract and we were able to avoid any delay or inconvenience to our contractor. We also had to deal with multiple last minute requests from suppliers worldwide.

After meticulous study, validation and planning, using containers Carriers i/o breakbulk vessels, we could deliver a far more cost effective operation.

FOX Brasil Project Logistics for Pulp and Paper Industry

Perfect Harmony

Being part of The Heavy Lift Group provides us with the possibility to work with a Dream Team of Project Cargo Experts. For this special operation, we received support from The Heavy Lift Group members: BNSF Logistics, Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd, Total Movements and Private Limited.




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