What factors have an influence on a project cargo quotation?

Project Logistics

We have previously dived into the factors that can have an influence on a freight quotation, but if we analyze project cargo, we will find that this segment has some particularities that are worth considering. Find out more about them below!

The cargo itself

As much as the nature of the cargo is relevant for all kinds of freight, in the project segment this is an even more determining factor of the transportation costs, because oversized loads in many situations implicate on the necessity of more complex equipment that may not have a broad availability, and arranging them may result in heftier prices.

Origin and destination

The distance between where the cargo leaves from to where it needs to be is always very important for the freight costs and, for projects cargo, distance means more than just the time that it will take for the goods to be delivered. It also means that the freight forwarder responsible for the operation will have to study the trajectory to identify any possible obstacles on the way at least months prior to the transportation, to make sure it is possible to cross every path or if changes will have to be made.

The vehicles

The choice of vehicle depends the nature of the goods and the distance to be crossed in the operation. It is a fact that some trucks and ship spaces cost more money than others but, when getting a quotation for project cargo, we must also consider the number of vehicles necessary to move the load. In many occasions, project cargo may require more than a single truck to be moved to the port and, usually, that applies to large industrial parts that cannot be divided. A good example of this is the Cement Mills that were moved by FOX Brasil | Project Logistics.

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