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Compreendendo as Diferenças Entre uma Transportadora e um Agente de Carga

In the complex world of global logistics and supply chain management, two key players often take center stage: carriers and freight forwarders. These entities play critical roles in ensuring that goods are transported efficiently and seamlessly from point A to […]

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Dicas para se preparar para a Golden Week

China’s Golden Week is an annual national holiday that has a significant impact on global trade. This week-long holiday, which typically occurs in early October, marks a time when millions of Chinese people travel domestically and abroad, leading to a […]

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Transporte de cargas com navios Ro-Ro

Maritime transportation is one of our oldest ways of transport, and this category continues to develop and grow as the time goes by. Today, we have numerous models of ships that were designed to fulfill the needs of specific kinds […]

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