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Contrary to the sea and the sky, roads often have limitations regarding their space and structure, which can come as an obstacle when transporting certain types of cargo, such as oversized and overweighted ones. In Brazil and many other parts […]

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Compreendendo o Ex-Tarifário

To increase viability in international transactions and promote innovation, the countries that are a part of the Mercosur, and that includes Brazil, the biggest economy of the South American continent, have settled a tariff exception for specific imported products: Ex-Tariff, […]

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Carga Geral versus Carga Perigosa: As Diferenças em Seus Processos de Transporte

When it comes to transporting goods, two distinct categories emerge: general cargo and dangerous cargo. These two types of cargo have significantly different transportation processes, each with its own set of challenges and safety considerations. Understanding the differences between them […]

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